What to do in the event the cell network is overloaded?

Make A Plan

What do I do in the event the cell network or WiFi networks are overloaded during a nerd or pop culture convention.

How many times during a convention we find that we have full service and still can’t connect to LTE or the cell-based data network? That’s because too many people are trying to use the cell network or WiFi at once. Cell networks and WiFi can only support so many users and during mass gatherings and events, the cell data network will oftentimes grind to a halt. In the event of a major emergency or situation, the authorities may even take the cell network down in the name of public safety. 

How do attendees and convention planners help mitigate these unique situations?

Consider setting up a messaging board: Some simple post-it notes and pens in a central location accomplish this. Many conventions and events have a physical messaging board. It is the way participants used to pass messages before the advent of cell phones and the internet. Some conventions still have a messaging board as part of tradition and popularity. Some convention attendees have even set up their own makeshift messaging boards on hotel room doors.

Have a meetup plan: Should something happen at the event, everyone in your group should have an evacuation and meet up plan.

Consider using FRS radios: These inexpensive radios are good for short-range communication in the event the cell network has issues or goes down.

For convention planners and staff: Consider investing in commercial grade radios. These radios work independent of cell networks and are generally free of interference. There are many options when it comes to commercial radios for convention planners and staff.