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The Make A Plan Coalition is a broad, voluntary coalition within the Nerd and pop culture community working to improve first aid and safety nationwide through education and outreach to key national stakeholders, organizations and decision makers. The coalition promotes policies and a culture of safety and first aid in North America, with special emphasis on those who are disproportionately impacted.

Joining the Coalition is free

The Make A Plan Coalition seeks member organizations that represent the diversity the nerd and pop culture convention community. Members of the coalition voluntary pledge to support and uphold a culture of ethical safety and first aid at nerd and pop cultures conventions/event, and will actively help to achieve the purpose and goals of the Coalition.

Benefits of being a Make A Plan Coalition member

  1. Access free cards and pamphlets from the Make A Plan initiative to hand out and use at your convention/event.
  2. Access to members only group where like-minded people can connect and network.
  3. Free Newsletter
  4. Free training material about consent, harassment, volunteerism and safety topics
  5. Have your conventions/events or organizations name and logo added to the Make A Plan Supporter Page.

Members will be encouraged throughout the year and provided with opportunities to engage in public outreach, host local events, and join social media campaigns. 

To join please fill out this form at the link button below or click here

For the Make, a Plan Coalition frequently asked questions click here