Make A Plan

Why should I make a plan?

Making a plan is a simple and effective way to mitigate risks and be better prepared for the unexpected. 

How do I make a plan?

Making a plan for a convention/event or even a general attendee does not have to be complicated. See our in-depth information for both Convention/Event Planners and Attendees

What should my plan include?

This does vary from attendee or conventions/events. Please see our preparation sections for Attendees and Convention/Event Planners

How do I help myself or my friends if somebody is hurt or injured?

You are the help till help arrives. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency and having a basic action plan saves lives. It is better to have a plan than no plan. 

I heard EMS and Ambulance services and expensive?

The average Ambulance/EMS detail rate is around $130-$190 dollars an hour. This is just for an Ambulance and one to two EMTs. First Aid Services are considerably less expensive and more affordable. They also provide more specialization and flexibility for the nerd and pop culture community. 

I want to know more about the Make a Plan Coalition.

Please visit the Make a Plan Coalition page or view the Make A Plan Coalition FAQs section.

I want more info about Make A Plan, The Make a Plan Coalition or have feedback?

For inquiries about Make a Plan or the Make a Plan Coalition please email info@conventionfirstaid.org

I want more information about Cosplay is NOT Consent, harassment and consent policies.

Please visit our comprehensive Cosplay Safety and Consent or our harassment and consent for attendees & convention/events sections.  

Will Make A Plan ever charge for use of Cosplay Is Not Consent or have any fees associated with the info on this site or in the Make A Plan initiative? 

We would like to take this time to remind everyone that we will never charge a license fee to use our content in the Make A Plan program or Cosplay Is Not Consent. Our aim is to keep the Make A Plan program and all info contained available for everyone free of charge.

What is Operation Hammond and why are did they develop Make a Plan?

Operation Hammond is North America’s largest social medical charity for the nerd and pop culture community. They have provided convention first aid services, consulting and social medical care to countless conventions in the United States and Canada. Raising awareness of convention safety and emergency preparedness is part of their charitable charter and affects everyone involved with conventions and mass events. Operation Hammond has worked closely with convention organizers, community partners and fans to develop the Make A Plan campaign. To learn more about them please visit www.OperationHammond.org