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First Aid and safety issues come up again and again at countless, conventions, shows, and events within the nerd and pop culture community Often times convention planners and staff don’t have an underlying awareness of First Aid at these events. While people like and want First Aid, they don’t always think about it until they need it or when it’s too late. This site aims to be a resource and a starting point for the convention community. 

We have also found that convention runners often times don’t fully understand First Aid or mass event medicine very well. The few conventions that do have few affordable options that adequately fill the need for good convention First Aid. Our aim is to increase awareness of First Aid and safety at nerd, pop culture conventions/events in a uniquely fun and informative way to help provoke a conversation.

Do you have a basic emergency response or First Aid plan? Coming up with a response plan is something every event or convention should do. We recommend every convention have a simple emergency plan for First Aid emergencies, evacuations, general safety, harassment, and consent.

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