Coalition FAQs

Make A Plan

Is there a fee to join the Make a Plan coalition? 

There is no fee to be a member. We want to keep the coalition open to any organization, convention, group or business that wants to apply. 

Can individuals people join the coalition? 

At this time we are not accepting individual membership in the Make A Plan Coalition. We plan on accepting individual membership in the future. 

Does my organization, convention or group is have to be incorporated or set up as a nonprofit to join? 

Groups, conventions, and organizations that do not have incorporation, tax ID, business filing or nonprofit EIN will be evaluated on a case by case base for membership. 

My contention, event, business, group or organization does not have or offer first aid or safety services can I still be a member. 

Absolutely yes! The Make A Plan Coalition aim is to increase first aid and safety awareness within the conventions, associated groups, businesses, conventions staff, planners and event community. 

Where do I sign up for the Make A Plan Coalition? 

Please click here to be taken to our sign up form.