Make A Plan

One topic that comes up often at conventions, events, and functions in the nerd and pop culture community is that often staff and participants don’t recognize the importance of first aid and safety at convention & events. While people want skilled first aid services to be available when they need it, they don’t often think about it before they need it — before it’s too late to make a plan. 

We have found that convention planners, staff and members often don’t have much familiarity with first aid or mass event medicine. Or they don’t think about it until an emergency arises. There are few affordable ways to meet the need for good convention first aid, safety, and emergency preparedness. Our goal is to raise awareness of these vital elements of convention & event safety and to promote dialogue to make conventions and events safer for everybody. 

The name of our new campaign is called Make a Plan and is sponsored by Operation Hammond and the Make A Plan Coalition.